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two plain radio waves

Basic Wavelength and Frequency in Ham Radio

I’ve recently started studying Ham Radio, and I found that even the Ham Radio For Dummies book didn’t make it very easy for me to visualize wavelength. Since they made me puzzle out how to visualize wavelength, I thought I would post my own guide with pictures. I’ve tossed in frequency as well, since that’s helpful to the discussion.

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Off the Wall Food Storage Rotation (For the Rest of Us)

Food Storage Rotation

I don’t know about you, but “eat what you store and store what you eat” sounds kind of… well, impractical.

Here’s the problem: there are always thing I will prefer to eat fresh if I have the choice. Like milk, for instance. No way am I going to switch to dried milk in the interests of “rotating my stores.” But if the “Big One” earthquake hit, I might be willing to hold my nose and get used to the taste. (Or give it to a neighbor with kids if I found I really couldn’t hack it.)

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Drop Dead Easy Sight Reading (Especially for Piano)

I played piano for endless years as a child (or so it seemed). I actually got fairly decent: played a little Beethoven, gave a few recitals — the usual. However, I had a secret flaw. An awful flaw, even a fatal flaw.

In all that time, I never got my mind around sight reading. I was still in sight reading kindergarten by the time I gave up piano as an adolescent to focus on the visual arts. It’s been a regret on and off for years that I never got over the hill to actually enjoy music, instead of stumbling along memorizing and counting notes.

This New Year’s Eve, I made a completely frivolous resolution for 2016: to learn to sight read once and for all. (Even though I wasn’t practicing piano and didn’t intend to start again.)

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