Gearing Up For Spring

Today I rummaged in the garage and opened up the disused lower hutch drawer, gathering all my seeds, some packets of them as old as 2005 vintage. I laid them all out on the floor and figured out the dates to get them started and made my initial schemes for the growing season.

In many years past, I have struggled to get a garden going. For the last four springs, I have been in the dorm at my Alma Mater, Multnomah Bible College (now Multnomah University). This has given me… limited resources, to say the least. Additionally, I am not terribly fond of deadlines. Thus, I have often waited longer than I ought to to get going on time-sensitive tasks. I’m hoping that setting a schedule this year will tap into the list making, planning side of my personality and keep me on track. I really want to have a riot of color come summer.

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