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Quick and Dirty Bleached Halloween T-Shirt (Patterns Included)

halloween classCreate a one-of-a-kind piece of art to wear to a Halloween party or trick-or-treating!

With just a few simple household items, you can turn a solid-color cotton “T” into a bleach-art masterpiece. It doesn’t take long — and it doesn’t cost much either! In fact, you may even have the ingredients you need in your cupboards.

Sign up and join me as I show you how to make an awesome t-shirt or hoodie so you can casually say, “Oh, this? I made it,” and smile suavely.

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Fall Harvest: Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce Class

Make some amazing homemade applesauce that will blow store applesauce out of the water!

I’ll walk you through my process as I get apples, then wash, cut, and cook them. Finally, I’ll process the finished sauce through a hand-crank food mill (and some through the blender as an experiment — spoiler: peel your apples first if you want to use a blender!), then I’ll spice the applesauce and put it up for freezing.

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