Classic Garden Post (2007)

Here’s a classic post from 2007.

My Garden Journal

My current big project is the garden. I decided this year to focus on flowers. My plan is to grow a number of annual flowers for cutting and enjoyment, as well as a few perennials that will bloom next year. (I’m looking ahead…)

March 4, 2007

It was just a few days ago that I made my first attempt (ever) at transplanting just-sprouted seedlings from their germination baggies. It looked really traumatic. I do know that I need a different type of coffee filter. I could only find these special organic type ones, and the roots stuck like velcro. My hope is that the cheapo ones will work better for this purpose. I also need to pick up more of the correct size bags. I don’t know a good place to find them, however.

When they first were muscled into the “pots” (my disposable coffee cups), I was sure they were going to die a horrible death. I was much surprised that even the next day, they had perked up and were reaching toward the light. They seem to have pretty much all survived. I think forget-me-nots must be quite hardy.

See my forget-me-nots:

My Forget Me Nots

March 3, 2007

I’m working on getting more seeds, but right now I have four varieties of seed that I’m growing in the window of my dorm room.

My Nursery:

my nursery

The seeds:

  1. Penstemon hybrid (left side of tray)
  2. Salvia “bonfire” (right side of tray)
  3. Forget-me-not (coffee cups, clay pot)
  4. mint (glass container)

I am mostly out of room here, but there is also my south facing window at home in my room and the greenhouse – I’ll manage. I need to get a ride to the nursery, and I am also hoping to get some seeds from a gardener from Pennsylvania, whose website I got my seed sprouting method from. (Check his site out at Rob’s Plants!)

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  1. We had a good time reading through this post, it really is awesome. I might have a few suggestions though, but Im not causing a quarrel :P:.. Keep up the awesome work, and until next time!


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