Snowy Practice

A white Christmas is all well and good (especially here, where it is so rare – only the second one I have had in my life.) However, when a ‘40 year’ storm socks us in for about two weeks, it does have some implications. For the last while I have had incredible difficulty getting outside where I can practice my Tae Soo Do forms and work with weapons. I am intending to test for brown belt this January, and I need to have all my previous forms polished up and my staff form completely down.

Have you ever tried to swing a staff that is taller than you are in a house with low ceilings? It doesn’t happen. To be able to move with a staff, there must be enough room. The outdoors (or a gym) are necessary. It is decidedly not a close quarters weapon.

I had my first proper practice again yesterday. It is above freezing again, an after the snow was removed from the driveway there was no slipperiness or ice. It remains strange, though, to see the drifts of slowly melting snow that are still lying everywhere you look.

snow in the driveway

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